Live on Tour CD

Song List: A Single Step Stronger Together Footsteps of a Girl Does it Really Matter? Party ‘Round the World Home Up with People! Crossroads Through Your Eyes What I’m Feeling Now Maybe I Roller Coaster (Won’t Let You Go) Keep Hope Alive Music © Up wit …


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Song List:
  1. A Single Step
  2. Stronger Together
  3. Footsteps of a Girl
  4. Does it Really Matter?
  5. Party 'Round the World
  6. Home
  7. Up with People!
  8. Crossroads
  9. Through Your Eyes
  10. What I'm Feeling Now
  11. Maybe I
  12. Roller Coaster (Won't Let You Go)
  13. Keep Hope Alive
Music © Up with People For lyrics and song credits, visit

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