The Journey CD

Song List: A Single Step Time Machine Footsteps of a Girl Who Will You Be? Moon Rider (1979) What’s the Rush? You’re My Son Won’t Be Afraid Where the Roads Come Together (2015) Peace Party Through Your Eyes Cuba en i Corazon The Water is Rising One 2 O …


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Song List:
  1. A Single Step
  2. Time Machine
  3. Footsteps of a Girl
  4. Who Will You Be?
  5. Moon Rider (1979)
  6. What's the Rush?
  7. You're My Son
  8. Won't Be Afraid
  9. Where the Roads Come Together (2015)
  10. Peace Party
  11. Through Your Eyes
  12. Cuba en i Corazon
  13. The Water is Rising
  14. One 2 One (1998)
  15. I Will
  16. Journey On
  17. Up with Please! (1998)
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