Wine Mug

“Wine down” with our Up with People wine mug! A great mug to have when you are by the pool, hanging out at home or just want to be reminded of your favorite experiences with Up with People. Don’t forget to buy your Wine Mug for reunion!



Up with People Wine Mug features the vintage logo, and fun puns of your favorite UWP songs:
  • Up, Up with PINOT
  • Come together and RIESLING Up
  • VINO Many, VINO One
  • WINE 2 WINE, We Change the World
  • Unfinished MERLOT
  • Where the ROSE Comes Together
  • There's gonna be a CHARDONNAY
  • WINE On, WINE Man
  • It takes a whole VINTAGE

Additional information

Weight 7.7 oz
Dimensions 4.58 × 3.48 × 3.48 in

Red, Bright Blue, Navy, Mint Green, Bright Green, Silver, Black


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